I fired up my furnace for the 1st time this year, and finally, my 70% efficiency furnace from 1979 said “enough is enough, I’m old and tired!” …I got 3 bids, from 3 companies, one I had used for servicing over the past 5 years, one was a referral from a friend, and one was Terry @ Accurate, based on his positive yelp reviews. Accurates bid ended up coming in the lowest, and I went with them for not only that reason, but because of the positive reviews, and his quick response time and professionalism. He is a very honest and trustworthy guy, and I felt like he was looking out for my best interests. He could have upsold me on a much more expensive unit (that I didn’t need!), but he didn’t even go there! He has followed up to make sure I am happy and that everything is working properly, and he came out tonight @ 8pm to fix a tiny problem, and while here, he lit my pilot light on my gas fireplace as a courtesy. I highly, highly recommend this company for their pricing, service, and honesty! Larissa S., Seattle, WA

Terry and his crew are (in my mind) the top shop for any Heating, Gas, HVAC, and related jobs.
Quality work — check.
Fair pricing — check.
Free estimates / bids — check.
Straight talk — check.
Professional — check.
Good sense of humor — check.

On top of things, always.

I have worked with Terry on a couple of things now, on the recommendation of more than one friend. And I have not been disappointed. Sebastian S., Seattle, WA

These folks care and are right in there with you with what you need. They care about the customer in ways that are rare to find these days. Alex, the tech they sent over, was straightforward and honest with a great work ethic and plenty of integrity. He likes what he does and was great to have around while he did his work. They could have sold me a new part costing $900 but found a perfectly good used part and passed it on for $100. I’m impresses and pleased that I have only one place to choose for furnace repair from now on – Accurate. John F., Seattle, WA

One evening our furnace made a horrendous sound and we quickly had to shut it off. Since it is January, we did not want to go without heat for long. We phoned Accurate early-afternoon and someone was at our house just after 5pm. Not only did they respond quickly, their service was outstanding. He was very friendly and knowledgeable. The price was great and we are certainly going to be return customers (hopefully just for service). I HIGHLY recommend these folks, you will not be disappointed.

Hottest week ever in Seattle & it turns out our a/c doesn’t work!

okay, so i didn’t actually hire these guys but that’s mainly because terry wanted to save us both the hassle & actually walked me through some diagnostics over the phone. sure, i wasn’t able to fix it on my own but man, the fact that he was willing to patiently walk me through whatever i could do on my own was just super nice.

he even recommended a hvac place to me because he knows that they’re good & that i might have a better chance of getting someone to come out (all the hvac guys are slammed right now).

clearly, this guy isn’t out to make a quick buck – he’s seems more like the sort of guy that just wants to make sure you don’t die of heatstroke.

terry, you’re tops in my book. Judy N., Seattle, WA

Pilot light out. Without heat. Cold. I’m a top priority for Accurate. Same day appointment. Furnace done. One day later — new furnace. Terry, the owner, is the man. Excellent customer service, excellent crew, excellent customer service. Al around excellent. I could not have asked for more. Call Terry. You will not be disappointed. Bill N., Seattle, WA

Our heater gave out on the coldest night of December 2009, naturally. When we woke up to a cold house, I called Accurate (based on the two previous Yelp reviews of this business). They were hammered with calls, of course, but Terry and Alex showed up at 8:15 p.m. and got the heater running. They returned later to do a more complete service and repair. And the price was super-reasonable (less than $400). By way of comparison, we had the heater serviced by Washington Natural Gas one year earlier and were told that the entire furnace needed replacement – at a cost of $6,400. So, let’s see . . . friendly, knowledgeable guys with a strong service orientation and very reasonable rates . . . you can figure it out. … Barry B., Seattle, WA